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Boarding School Programme Information

Our Boarding schools offer a premium education system of unparalleled benefits. They provide an environment where students are constantly engaged, active and interested, which can be quite difficult to be achieved at regular schools where children are bombarded by distractions at home. If you’re considering boarding school for your child, you have to come to the right place. Our Boarding School Programme will provide your children with all the required tools to develop and grow into confident and resourceful human beings.

Choosing the right school

British Boarding Schools deliver highly valued education programmes which is are regarded as a symbol of academic excellence anywhere in the world. With a wide range of boarding schools available in the UK, our job to find the right school for your child to attend according to your requirements and your child’s needs. We run a thorough needs analysis process for selecting the right school so your child can thrive and reach their full potential. We understand how important this decision is and we will be right by your side during the entire process so you can rest assured your child’s education will be in safe hands. We manage the entire process, from the first interview via Zoom, to your child’s arrival in the UK and first day in school.

Why choose the Language Training Co?

We are a team of professionals who fully understand how important and meaningful this once in a lifetime opportunity is. We carefully guide our students from our very own experience and with results that speak for themselves: 100% of our students successfully complete the school program each year.


In addition, we guarantee a personalized service of the highest quality. After interviewing you in depth and knowing your concerns and needs, we draw up the student's profile, skills and preferences so we can monitor the student during their stay in an efficient manner. We are committed to complete immersion, making sure that no other students of the same nationality are placed in the selected host family.


We will support you with all the required documentation as the preparation and execution of this program requires careful supervision. We will manage everything for you: from the selection of the school, accommodation and transfers to thorough guardianship support and advice on the selection of academic subjects.

Application Support

We are aware that each student is different and that, depending on their goals, hobbies, level of English and academic results, there will be different types of school or accommodation. Our mission is to advise and accompany the student throughout the whole process and make sure they feel comfortable and motivated for the adventure that lies ahead.


We carefully choose the school according to the needs of each individual student. We work with a wide variety of schools in order to present a vast selection that meets the needs and expectations of the student and their parents or guardians.


We are by your side at all times. You will have a support team to provide you with all the help you need during the stay. Regular visits by our local coordinator to families, schools and students will ensure a high level of welfare through constant supervision and monitoring.

In Safe Hands

We understand that sending your child to a school abroad is a big decision. Our experience allows us to advise you on an ideal program to achieve the objectives of linguistic improvement, cultural enrichment, development and personal maturity. Our guardians are always there to lend a helping hand and take care of your child because we know that it is essential for you and your child to be in good hands before, during and after your stay. While your child is away you can rest easy and feel safe and confident about your child's stay in the UK. Our guardians remain responsible for your child throughout their stay in the UK and will be in constant contact with both you and your child. The tutor will also regularly update you on your child's progress.


The Star of the Show

Only students who have a good academic record as well as an adequate level of English added to good personal motivation can participate in this programme. The student lives in a Boarding House throughout the school year, spending the Christmas and Easter holidays with their families back home if they like.

Our Programme includes:

  • Boarding School Tuition

  • Student Information Guide

  • Airport Transfer Service

  • Flight Management and Tickets

  • Boarding House Accommodation with all meals included

  • Course Validation & Fees

  • Placement Test & Interviews

  • 24/7 Student Support

  • International Certificate

  • School Term Reports

  • Medical Insurance and Civil Liability

  • Full Guardianship Support

  • Course Materials

  • Social Programme

  • Leaving Ceremony

Not Included:

  • Personal expenses

  • Uniform

  • Christmas Stay

  • Local Transport

  • Examination Fees

Course Dates and Availability

The programme is open according to the English School Year calendar. Please contact us for a full list of possible start dates. Most students attending this programme stay in the UK for a minimum of 1 academic term (12 - 14 weeks).

The school year is divided into 3 academic terms:

Term 1 (Autumn): September - December

Term 2 (Winter): January - March

Term 3 (Spring): April - July

Students are required to have a B1 level of English.


We work with a wide variety of boarding schools in the south of England and we will guide through the selection process with efficiency. We will put our expertise of the British Educational System to work so you can relax and rest assured your child will be placed in a school that meets your expectations and your child's academic needs. We work with both co-educational and single-sex boarding schools.

Other areas can also be selected for the programme. Please contact us for more information.

About our partner schools

We carefully select our partner boarding schools according to student feedback and performance. All our partner schools have achieved good or excellent Ofsted results and offer a friendly environment which fosters learning and promotes student integration. Great care is taken to regulate the number of students of any nationality within the same school to ensure maximum integration and encourage the use of English at all times. Schools are generally located in small communities and not in large cities.

Attending a Boarding School in the UK

The use of uniform is compulsory in English Secondary Schools so students are responsible for their own kits and their maintenance and tidiness. Students have to adhere to the code of conduct of the school they will be attending and will be subject to disciplinary procedures. School information along with its procedures and students' expectations will be sent to international students upon school allocation. 

Most British boarding schools now offer more flexible arrangements than other traditional boarding schools abroad. Families can benefit from this flexibility by spending short school holidays together whilst still enjoying the benefits of boarding school education.

School Characteristics

Schools vary according to the number of students, from 90 to around 300 students.

  • Boarding schools can be coeducational or single-sex (boys only / girls only).

  • The number of subjects of study decreases as students get older. As they advance in their academic stages (Prep, GCSE, A Levels) they can have more power of choice through advanced co-curricular activities.

  • The subjects that schools usually offer are English, Mathematics, Science, Drama, Design and Technology, History and Geography, Music, Economics, Physical Education, and Modern Languages.


All students will stay in Boarding Houses which are supervised by senior members of the school staff.

Board Houses

Schools offer different types of boarding accommodation according to parents and students’ needs and requirements. It is very common for younger children to be housed in smaller dormitories whereas older students may be offered twin rooms or single study bedrooms. Parents and students can add a personal touch to the bedrooms by bringing their own things and have a little bit of home in the UK. Boarding houses are staffed senior members of the teaching staff who will look after the students round the clock.

Most boarding houses are situated on the school campus, but some can be located within the school neighbourhood, depending on your choice of school.

All boarding houses offer breakfast, lunch and dinner with students eating together in the communal dining room. Students will also be able to make snacks and hot drinks in communal facilities.


Studies carried out in our Academic Year / Term Programme are validated according to the current regulations of the Department for Education with global recognition. The student must complete all the subjects that are chosen at the beginning of the course under our supervision, and successfully pass them. Students attending years 11 and 12 must also pass their core and additional GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education). The validation will be managed by our Academic Year department in partnership with the school the student has been placed in. 

Excursions (optional)

All students will also have the option to visit some of the most amazing places in the UK.

Typical Full-day Excursions

  • London weekend (2 full days)

  • Oxford

  • Bath

  • Hever Castle (Jousting Show)

  • Portsmouth (HMS Victory)

  • Windsor (including tour of Harry Potter Studio)

Typical Half-day Excursions

  • Poole Harbour and Sandbanks

  • Christchurch Priory and Highcliffe Castle

  • Jurassic Coast (Corfe Castle, Swanage, Durdle Door, Old Harry Rock)

  • Salisbury Cathedral

  • Stonehenge

Do you have any questions?


+44(0)7534 270414

“It was an unforgettable experience. I had the opportunity to live with an English family that taught me their customs and lifestyle. The language Training Co supported me at all times. I leave very satisfied with the experience I had in the United Kingdom ”

Carla Presas, Spain

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