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Secondary education in the UK usually starts at the age of 11. From the ages of 11 to 14, students will study a broad range of subjects such as Music, Maths, Science, and English. At the age of 14 students start to prepare for a set of exams known as GCSE. When preparing for their GCSEs, international students will take three core subjects (English, Maths, and Science) and choose other additional subjects that they would like to take. Additional subjects range from foreign languages such as French, Spanish or German to more professional subjects like Business Studies, Design, and Technology. Most students choose between 4 to 6 additional subjects.

Secondary Education Programmes


Boarding Schools

12 weeks or more

Our Boarding School Programme is the go to option for those looking for academic excellence. We work with a wide range of boarding schools in the UK and we will find the perfect school for you according to your needs and requirements.

Students will live in boarding houses where they will have round-the-clock supervision by senior members of the academic staff.

Girls in School Uniform

State School

3 - 24 weeks

The State School Programme is designed for international students who would like a complete immersion in the English Educational System. Students will attend secondary school in England  and have the option to complete their secondary and further studies with us. Students will live with one of our premium host families and experience the British lifestyle to the fullest.

Happy Student


Services for schools

We offer a full range of Guardianship Services for schools and colleges in the UK. Services include:

  • Full-board homestay accommodation

  • Health Insurance

  • Academic Support

  • Welfare Support

  • 24/7 Emergency Line

  • and much more...

Why experience British education?

  • Students can learn about a new country and its culture

  • Core subjects like Maths and Science will be studied in English. This means students will have the opportunity to use English more objectively as a means of communication

  • The study of English literature and history will help students revisit topics they have learned in the past through a different perspective

  • International experience is invaluable when applying for top universities or job opportunities in the future

  • An added sense of responsibility as students are expected to adhere to the high academic standards of our partner schools

Student Stuff
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