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Welcome to the

Language Training Company

Expand your horizons

with the Language Training Co.

We would love to be part of your next unforgettable adventure. We can improve your English with our range of English language courses and we can give you the summer of your life with our Junior programmes. We can organise the best school trip ever with our mini stay programmes and we can give you invaluable international education with our British Integration programme. No matter what your dreams are, we are here to help you fulfil them. Welcome to The Language Training Co.

The Language Training Co.

Let us make your dreams come true.

Learn a new language, visit another country, get immersed in a new culture, teach the world about your culture, meet new people, make long-lasting friendships, learn to understand and be understood, go to school abroad, go to university abroad, get a job abroad, get to know yourself better, become independent.

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Language Courses for Adults

We have helped thousands of students improve their language skills to achieve their professional and academic goals. We offer English and Spanish Language courses at all proficiency levels.

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Language Experiences for Juniors

We offer amazing school trip experiences with our blended mini stay programmes. Our Summer Camp is also very popular with students from all over the world who attend English lessons, extracurricular activities, weekend trips and much more. 

School Kids

Academic Years

Students who already have an Intermediate B1+ level of English can experience British education and total immersion in the English language by attending a British Secondary School and truly experiencing life in the UK. 

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Guardianship   Services

Ideal for parents who wish to send their children to attend British education. We provide host family accommodation and monitor students' academic social development and ensure their welfare.

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About Us

Student Lounge

Who we are

We are all different people with very different jobs. However, we do have one thing in common:

we want you to fulfil your potential and achieve your academic and professional goals.

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What we can do for you

We offer a range of services to language learners of all ages: Summer Camps, Immersion Programmes, School Trips, British Integration, Guardianship services and much more.

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