We follow the Common

European Framework 

Level Structure

How will my learning be structured? 


According to the European regulation, the learning of European languages is divided in six levels of command, starting at the A1 level and ending in the C2. 

A1 - A2


Our beginners' Spanish class is suitable for those who have no knowledge, or limited knowledge of the Spanish language. By the end of the course you will be able to understand and use every day Spanish expressions.

B1 - B2


Our intermediate Spanish classes are suitable for you if you have studied Spanish part time for the equivalent of about two years or have A-Level Spanish.

C1 - C2


Our highest level Spanish class is right for you if you have studied Spanish part time for the equivalent of four years or more. At the beginning of each module you and the rest of the group will be able to decide with your teacher what the course should focus on.

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